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by Kentucky Registered Agent LLC

Kentucky Filing Tips

Kentucky Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get your signature on this form I have to file?

We have all the forms you file with the Secretary of State pre-signed in your online account. You’ll have what you need from us immediately. If you have a Mac or iPad, you’ll have to download Adobe Reader, and prompt it to be opened with Adobe. Apple doesn’t like Adobe and has its own version of a pdf reader, but it won’t show digital signatures. Some Mac clients say they have Adobe on their computer and still can’t see the signature. Even if you have Adobe, you still have to opt to view the pdf with Adobe instead of the Mac reader.

I’m from Ohio. We don’t need a registered agent, why do I have to use one in Kentucky?

Ohio calls it a “Statutory Agent.” Ohio requires every business entity to have a statutory agent. It is basically the same thing as a registered agent. What can we say. Everyone across the river wanted to be a little different than the rest of America!! The state requires a registered agent so bigger companies can’t just hide from their clients. If you had a complaint with a bigger company, it would be hard to figure out who to complain to. By notifying their registered agent, you don’t have to deal with figuring that out.

A lot of Kentucky Counties have an income tax. A lot of the more rural ones don’t though. You are supposed to actually file proof of a filing with the County Clerk of the county you are doing business in. Most people don’t actually do this because it isn’t really regulated and a lot of people are just forming a holding company that isn’t doing much business. This is the WORST part about the business environment in Kentucky. Annoying to say the least.

How to form a domestic LLC or Corporation:

A Kentucky LLC or corporation can be formed online. The link is in your online account. We recommend filing this way because it is quicker and easier than the traditional paper method.